Wellhead Repair Application


Helicoid Epoxy Sleeve System have successfully introduced in Wellhead Repair application. It is proven to overcome wellhead surface casing leak and shallow gas problem. Helicoid Epoxy Sleeve System acts as a repair method for damaged surface casing of wellhead and to be undertaken by using specialized composite materials to contain and prevent gas leaking and act as corrosion protection. Helicoid Epoxy Sleeve System provides many advantages over current available repair system in wellhead applications, in terms of:

  • Ease of Application
  • Length of time of installation
  • Flexibility in diameter and length
  • Faster delivery period
  • Corrosion and impact resistance
  • Effectively contain gas leaking
  • Online Installation
  • Provide structural reinforcement


Click to Download Helicoid Epoxy Sleeve Case History (Duyong Platform)