Epoxy Metal Clamp ™


The Epoxy Metal Clamp provides effective leak-sealing and strengthening of onshore and offshore pipelines and risers.

The structural epoxy resin injected into the annulus between the clamp and the pipe is designed to provide the full transfer of radial and axial loads, whilst allowing the clamp to withstand the full pipeline separation loads.

Benefits of the Epoxy Metal Clamp

  • Range of diameters from 100mm (4”) to 1100mm (42”)
  • Lengths of up to 6.0 meters
  • On-line installation
  • Above-water and sub-sea installation
  • Impact resistant
  • Includes painting and aluminium anode for corrosion protection
  • Able to accommodate pipelines, risers, riser bends and flange connections

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The Epoxy Metal Clamp in detail

The Epoxy Metal Clamp repair system comprises two half metal-sleeves that are oversized in relation to the outer diameter of the pipeline that needs to be repaired. This allows for an annulus between the pipeline and the internal of the Epoxy Clamp.

Once installed and bolted over the pipeline, the ends of the clamp are “capped”, and the annulus is then grouted with a special, low-exothermic, high strength, load-bearing and slow-curing epoxy resin. This epoxy resin functions as a pressure-containment and load-bearing system.

Fully cured, the various parts of the clamp act as a composite section, isolating the pipeline from further external corrosion and damage. Simultaneously, by being bonded to the pipeline, the Epoxy Metal Clamp provides further strengthening to the pipe.

Welding to the pipeline is not required, and the Epoxy Metal Clamp repair can be performed without interrupting product flow, ensuring continuous operations. The Epoxy Metal Clamp can be used to repair all types of internal and external wall-loss defects, ensuring a permanent repair system that protects and strengthens.

Merit Epoxy Clamp Installation Video


Click to view a typical installation sequence of the Epoxy Metal Clamp repair system.